The Gospel Hall
Foxlydiate Crescent
Redditch, Worcs
B97 6NJ
What do we believe?

The Bible which we can read in our own language is a translation from the original Hebrew and Greek text which, we believe, was given directly from God to selected men who wrote the words God gave them. Our beliefs, teaching and practices are based on what this book states. Because we believe it is the Word of God, the God who never changes, it is as relevant today as it was when it was given.
Some of our Basic Beliefs?

 •  God created the heavens and the earth and  upholds them today
 •  Because of disobedience Adam and Eve bought sin into the world  and we inherited
     their sinful  nature.
 •  The soul of mankind is eternal and will live on beyond death either in heaven or hell
 •  Unforgiven sin will separate the sinner from God for ever
 •  Jesus Christ is the Son of God who became man
 •  He lived a sinless life
 •  He suffered death by crucifixion at Jerusalem and three days later rose from
     the dead and later went back to heaven
 •  He is alive today and will one day return to the earth to set up a righteous kingdom for
     1000 years,before setting up an eternal State acceptable to God.
 •  The death of Jesus Christ enables God to offer mankind fogiveness from sin by
    repentance and acceptance of Him as Substitute, Saviour and Lord.
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